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There are tons of products out there that promise to enhance the length and overall size of a penis that are on the market. And frankly, I had never thought that these types of things worked for people and that they were mainly something that people wasted their money on. However, Size Genetics is one of the popular enhancers that are on the market and it was rumored to actually work.

After using this, the penis was physically lengthened and the man can actually train his penis to get larger. This is through ‘training’ the ligament to make the penis long or short, and this will be something that helps the penis to be longer naturally.

SizeGenetics DeviceThe product comes with an exercise DVD and the lengthening device, and with the use of both over time, you will find that the girth of your penis will increase and the fullness of your penis is something that can be controlled through use of the volume pills.
Most people think that actually getting a part of the body to expand in size is impossible. However, there are other methods out there that are used by women that are based on the same science that help them to develop bigger breasts. Thus, the idea of extending the size of the penis is really not that far fetched.

There are two supplements that are going to come with the Size Genetics Penis Enlargement System. These are patented ingredients that are not found in other systems that are out there. They are natural ingredients proven to enhance the penis. They are called Drilizen and Solidilin. This was something that I found very intriguing about the entire system since these are natural substances and NOT harmful chemicals. And when used with the lengthening tool and exercise, you will notice that your penis has more girth.

Most guys are looking to make their penis grow in girth instead of just making their penis longer. The components that help to make this possible increase the blood flow to the penis, and you will also find that the increase in semen is also occurring. Most other companies out there basically tell you to take a certain product and that your penis will automatically get longer. However, with the SizeGenetics the all-around approach is what really works for a man. Every man wants the length and the width enhancement.

The 3 Main Components

There are three main components that are working in this system to make it what it is:

  • Penis extender that is medical grade that expands the penile tissue over an extended period of time. Since this takes some time, you will find that the results are going to be permanent. The good news is that this system is one that comes approved by several doctors, and the company backs this claim. Dr. Kegal, is one doctor that backs this, the infamous doctor for women’s Kegal exercises. The device is comfortable to use and you will find that the way that your penis is being lengthened is going to allow for the movement to feel natural and not at all as though they are forcing anything to happen.
  • Prosolution Pills that are all natural and are meant to aid throughout the growth process. The package comes with two bottles and it works in a way to get more blood circulation to your penis to encourage growth.
  • Volume Pills that are completely natural are working to increase the sexual enhancement that you have. You will have better sex, increased semen production and overall a better time. You will also find that this is going to help your woman to feel better during sex and it may even result in having a much more fulfilling orgasm.


What customers are saying about SizeGenetics

After reading several online reviews of customers who actually bought this penis enlarger, almost 4 out of 5 customers stated that they absolutely loved SizeGenetics, but there was of course a rather small percentage of men who didn’t got the expected results with Size Genetics.

Many men reported that they saw an inch of growth within a few weeks of using the product, and the results were very surprising for them. With that beings said, most men that use this are finding that they are constantly recommending it because apparently it does work for most guys.

So all in all, the Size Genetics product seems to be one that works for many men. Since it is approved by doctors, you can be sure that it is safe to use and the company has long been known to deliver great, quality products.

SizeGenetics Guarantee

When you buy Size Genetics you will also discover that help is just a phone call away. The support team behind the product is there to help you get the most out of this unique penis enlargement device and ensures that you will be one hundred percent satisfied.

In terms of satisfaction, there is a money back guarantee on the product. This guarantee is for 180 days (6 months) and you have 180 days to try the extender out and see the results. If you see no results, you can just ask your money back. There are not that many other products on the market that are this confident.

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5 Reasons You Need to Get a Bigger Dick

If you haven’t given much thought to your penis size before, now might be a good time to start. Most guys typically don’t think about their penis sizes until they are either in the locker room with other guys or their girls comment on how small their penis looks.

And even then, some people just don’t do anything about it. Well, if you hadn’t thought about it before, here are 5 reasons why you should.

Girls Love ‘em
Like it or not, girls love big penises. I have seen girls go to great lengths to have sex with a guy who is rumoured to be “packing”. If you’ve ever seen those pictures where a girl is wide-eyed at the size of a big penis and thought they were faking it, wait till you have one and then see how they react to it. So, if you didn’t think they did, now you know they do.

You Can Strut ‘em Around
There’s nothing quite as impressive as a well hung guy in boxer shorts or underwear. With a big one, you can easily strut around the place, never be shy in front of your girlfriend or in the locker room anymore. A well hung guy is always the “toast” of the locker room or the girls.

Will Get You Laid More
Here’s how it works: if you are well hung, you’ll find that more chicks will be attracted to you. Not just chicks who don’t know what they’re doing, but well experienced chicks who can size up a guy’s penis from just looking at the front of his trousers. Here’s a hint: if you’re well, hung, it might be difficult to hide it; even when it’s well packaged. Bottom line, having a bigger penis will transform your sexual life and get your laid more often than you can imagine.

Will Boost Your Confidence
Next to poor performance, being told that you have a small penis always takes a huge chunk out of your ego. It doesn’t matter or big your brains are or how charismatic you are. If your penis size is really small, trust me, your ego will be affected. And since you need confidence to both perform and get any girl you want, getting a bigger dick will get your confidence through the roof. It will also eliminate your shyness in the bedroom or anywhere else for that matter.

Sex is Amazing with a Bigger Penis
Here’s what I want you to do: commit to our penis enlargement method with SizeGenetics. But before you do that, I want you to get laid and take note of the girl’s reaction. Then, using SizeGenetics, enlarge your penis by at least 1 inch in the next 2-3 months and then monitor girls’ reactions during sex. I guarantee you’ll notice the difference. Sex with a bigger dick is amazing. And since many girls haven’t had a big dick, you bet, you’ll look and feel like a sex god to them.

Tips for Enlarging Your Penis Easily

Did you know that you could enlarge your penis easily? Did you know that you could gain 2-4 inches of your penis within 6-12 months? Did you know you can go from being the guy who’s shy to wear his briefs in public to the guy who can confidently show his in public?

Did you know that it’s possible for you to undress and the girls shout “wow… that’s big”? Well, if you didn’t, now you know. It doesn’t matter whether your penis is small or average. If yu follow the steps outlined in this article, you will be all of the above and then some. To enlarge your penis easily, here are the things you need.

Penis Stretcher

You don’t necessarily have to use this. But, having it surely does help speed the process up and saves you time. These devices work by gripping the base and the head of the penis and pulling until the penis is taught or until you are comfortable with the tug. And the best thing is they can be worn all day. In fact, it is recommended that you wear it for at least 6 hours a day. They are comfortable, non intrusive and hardly ever bother you. If you are looking for a good and safe stretcher device, I really recommend SizeGenetics.

Penis Pump

Penis pumps are many these days. But, the best ones so far have a success rate that’s above 90%. These are perfect for increasing your width and thickening your penis. In case you didn’t know, research has shown that women prefer guys with thicker dicks to ones with longer and thinner disks.

According to them, the thicker dick guys fill them up and help them orgasm more because there’s more friction while the thinner but long guys mostly end up poking at their cervix (a painful experience no doubt). Now, guys who have both the length and girth are a pleasure to behold and enjoy at any time. So, use penis pumps too. These do not require you to use them for more than 45 minutes at a time. Penomet is a very popular and a much recommended penis pump you can use.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises such as jelqing, Kegels, A stretch, V stretch, and Wally Wally Ups are excellent at helping you increase the size of your penis. You can do them without the aid of the first two devices mentioned and still gain 1-3 inches in 12-18 months. However, they require a little bit of work.

Unlike the SizeGenetics penis stretcher that you have to wear, the penis exercise of stretching requires you to spend 20-30 minutes every day pulling and stretching your penis. Jelqing on the other hand, doesn’t require more than 15 minutes a day. And you can do all these every other day. Therefore, all you need to experience gains 1 hour 30 minutes a week for the stretches and 60 minutes a week for the jelqing.

That’s it. Follow the aforementioned tips and you will gain at least 1-3 inches in 12-18 months.

Penis Enlargement Dos and Don’ts

Successful penis enlargement comes from doing a few things well. You don’t necessarily have to do many things. Unfortunately, every time you turn around these days, the truth is that there is so much conflicting information, it’s really difficult to decide what method works or what things you can do to get the best results.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people typically do too much of what they shouldn’t and too little of what they should. To achieve decent gains, here are the thing s you need to do and shouldn’t do. Memorize and take note of all these. It can be the difference between gaining 3 inches in 12-18 months and 0.5 inches in the same time frame.

Dos of Penis Enlargement

Do the Exercises Frequently.
To the best of my knowledge, the success of penis enlargement largely relies on consistency. You cant just do it for a week, abandon and come back to it after 4 weeks. It’s something you must commit to if you want to get tangible results.

And no one is saying you should spend the whole day doing the exercises if you don’t have the time. Barring Kegels which you can literally do everywhere, the rest can be done 10-20 minutes a day, every other day.

Be Realistic in Your Expectations

Many people are unrealistic in their expectations, hence the reason they hardly ever see any decent results. When your expectations are skewed, you’ll most likely give up on increasing your penis size just because you feel you’re not getting as much results as you should.

But, when you have the right expectations –gains of 1-3 inches in length and girth in 12 months- then it will be easier to be consistent and get results.

Don’ts of Penis Enlargement

Avoid Over Exercising.
One of the reasons many guys get discouraged with the penis enlargement process is because they think the more they do, the bigger they’ll get. Over exercising is a common mistake that many newbies fall into. Avoid that.

Moderation is key to successful penis enlargement. As long as you do the routines, wear the pumps and use the penis stretching devices for as long as you need to, you’ll be amazed at just how much results you’ll produce. For a good and safe penis extender I really recommend SizeGenetics.

Avoid Penis Enlargement Pills

Many people are led to believe that all they have to do is pop a pill and their penises will grow as big as they want it. There’s nothing further from the truth. Most penis enlargement pills are either vitamin supplements or work to give you a fuller erection. If you aren’t familiar with full erections, having a full, rock hard erection will make your dick look bigger. The only pills I really recommend are the Vimax pills but they don’t really offer lasting results.

That’s all about the dos and don’ts of penis enlargement. If you avoid the things you ought to and do the things you should, you’ll notice incredible and consistent gains.

Are Penis Extenders Appropriate for You

There are several penis enhancement products that can be bought and if you are looking through these, you may find that there are several products that are appealing to you. Knowing which type of product to utilize can be rather difficult to decide on. The penis extender is one of those products that several men have had success in using. You will find that it could be for you. However, in order to know whether this is for you, there are several questions that you need to ask yourself.

What to Know Before Buying

You need to ask yourself what you want out of a penis extender. For example, do you know that you want to use this product every few days? Do you want something that is going to be ingested or something that will be used? The idea behind these questions is to find out if you can devote the amount of time to the process of using a penis extender. A penis extender will require that you use this a few times each week for a certain period of time. With that being said, you will need to have to devote some of your time to using this. Those that do not, will see the results that other people are getting with using this product.

Another aspect to take into consideration is whether the penis extender will give you any results. For the most part, men who use this are under the average size and want to get to the average size. If you have an average sized penis and just want to be impressive, the penis extender may not work for you since you are already the average size.

Is it for you?

There are several men that will ask if this is something that they will have use of? The answer to this will depend on you. However, you will find that this is something that you are going to have to try in order to ensure that you are looking at all of your options. You will find that there are several penis extenders on the market that offer a great warranty. You will want to find the warranty that best fits your needs. However, you should aim for a ninety day or more warranty to see if there are results after you utilize this product for this time period. It is on the only way you will find if the penis extender is for you or not.

The Dangers of Penis Extenders

When most men think of enhancing their penis size, they have one thing on their mind and one alone. This is the fact that they want a longer and wider penis no matter what. With that being said, if you are in the market for enhancing your penis, you are going to find that there are several methods that you can choose from. However, none of these methods are something that has no side effects of dangers associated with them. The use of penis extenders is something that you may be considering. With that being said, you should know all the ins and outs of these products in order to ensure that this is something that you should use or not.

Dangers with Penis Extenders

Though the majority of these dangers that are there with penis extenders, the person is going to find that they can be easily prevented. If you follow the directions on how to use this, you are going to find that this is something that can work for you and it will work for you. With that being said, one of the most common dangers is using the penis extender too much will lead to soreness of the penis. This soreness can make many men feel as though they have serious problems. However, with the traction system that the penis extender is using is going to be the same as if the person overworked their muscle in the gym. If you overwork a muscle it is going to feel as though it is tight and painful. Therefore, you should only use the penis extender the length of time in which the manufacturer states is safe.

Other dangers are having the penis rubbed raw from using this product. This can be prevented through ensuring that your penis extender has comfort foam on the inside of this which will encompass the penis and provide some protection. And of course, utilizing the penis extender too much can also lead to this problem, which you can prevent as well.

Is it safe to use?

Despite these dangers that are found with using the penis extender, this is still one of the more effective methods for making your penis bigger. You will find that the majority of men who use this type of product see a growth of a few inches. This is something that can make you even happier than you were before. The key is to remember to use this correctly according to what the maker of the penis extender recommends.